Who is B.Kettner

B.Kettner stands for Brigitte Kettner. To describe her concisely: She is a biologist and a beautician by heart. In her biology studies in Bologna, Italy, she focused on bacteriology and dermatology.

Brigitte Kettner

She became an instructor at the Scuola Estetica Moderna in Milan and later became head of the school’s Modena branch. After a research stint in a tropical disease lab, she returned to her native Luxembourg to set up a beauty salon, called the "Beauty Farm". While she bought cosmetics from established brands, she felt she was not able to achieve satisfactory results, especially in problematic skin types. She wanted to focus more on the human being as a whole and on the causes of the skin problems. She revolutionized beauty salon skin care by developing a new method of diagnosing skin problems and applied her knowledge from bacteriology to formulate her first product line. Still popular in many salons worldwide, the "Methode Brigitte Kettner" was born.

Today, Brigitte is still a core member of B.Kettner’s research and development team, and no product will go into production that has not received her final approval.