VisoRelax™ - Eye Contour Rejuvenator

VisoRelax™ Features

Eye Contour Enhancer is aimed at soothing down eye tiredness,  promoting eye area blood circulation, improving eye area puffiness & pigmentation problems and helping smoothing fine lines and wrinkles,  supported with B.Kettner Eye Contour Serum and Chinese Acupuncture Point concept

.Coated with highly biologically compatible titanium surface, spherical tip offers comfortable massage on the eye area and it is suitable  for Normal and Sensitive skin 

.Light Handheld Style with chic and portable design to provide easy treatment at work or home

.Ionic Treatment : Alternate positive & negative ionic treatment to boost penetration of eye care formulations to optimize efficacy of eye uplifting and depigmentation

.Warm Treatment : Operating temperature 38°C -  42°C

.Fast warming

.Overheat protection

.Auto timer & Battery level indicator